Tracking has never been easier!

Safety, performance and manageability

Our company has the necessary tools you need to preserve your property and protect your loved ones.

Integrated Satellite Tracking Solution

Multiple options for modifying the application

Return on investment

Significant fuel economy and immediate return on your money through redesigning of travel routes.

Real time tracking

Easy Track records the route in real time, you can even provide navigation !.


Improve delivery time and service to your customers.


The results from using the application are visible within the first few days.

Keep Your Favorite persons Close!

Maintain close relationships with your loved ones and help them in case of need.

Easy Track. A Powerful Tool…

Everything you want to protect on a screen.

For All Devices

EasyTrack is used by any computer, mobile phone or tablet with internet access and gives you unique features.

Fleet management


Lost Assets Tracking


Tracking ATM security


Object Tracking