The proposed telemetry equipment is able to withstand particularly high temperatures and difficult environments. It is equipped with multiple slots, through which the company can monitor the exact location and conditions of the vehicles. In addition to the basic specifications, there are other options such as temperature sensor, luggage door control, panic buttons, connect to vehicle’s interface for fuel data, engine speed, mileage, consumption, road behavior, and more.

All the telemetry models we use above, have the latest GPS chipset. The power supply is via the electrical circuit (battery) of the vehicle and the installation is permanent and not visible to the vehicle, at a point where it can not easily be removed from it. In addition, the device optionally, has a battery inside it that allows for about 2 days of autonomy in case of power supply failure, from the vehicle battery. The manufacturing company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and the devices hold several certifications such as ROHS, etc.