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The application supports a large number of alerts or alarms that occurs from system programming, according to the event.

Types of events

  • Over Speed limit (setting for example 90 Km/h)
  • Enter / Exit to a geographic boundary you want, for example the vehicle must not leave outside Attica or it should never be founded for example in Lavrio (city of Athens).
  • Motion detector (an alarm occurs as soon as the vehicle moves).
  • SOS alarm in combination with panic button/SOS on the vehicle.
  • Temperature alarm in combination with temperature sensor (very useful for refrigerator trucks.)
  • All the above alarms can be permanently activated or be activated for certain days and hours, for example, vehicle alarm outside of working hours 18:00pm to 07:00am on week days and 24h at weekends.


Event updates


Events (alarms) when activated, are transmitted directly in one or more of the following ways:


  • In the application, in the Alarms field, with direct display on the map.
  • By email to predefined addresses by the user.
  • By SMS to a number defined by you (upon extra charge)